Thursday, October 1, 2009

番茄丝瓜汤 Tomato & loofah soup

Hayden still has not much appetite so I decided to give this recipe a try. d tomato taste is very strong & it's actually quite ok without adding salt/sugar.

丝瓜 : 300g (去皮, 洗净, 切成滚刀块)
Loofah (peeled, washed, cut into chunk)
番茄 : 400g (洗净, 川烫后剥皮, 切块) Tomato (wash, peel away skin after scalding in hot water, then diced)

黑木耳 : 20g (洗净, 泡软) Black fungus (washed, soaked until soft)

材料 ingredient 3 (拌均) mix well
瘦肉 : 200g (洗净, 切片) Lean meat (washed, sliced)
酱清 : 1 tsp light soya sauce
胡椒粉 : ¼ tsp peper
玉米粉 : 1 tsp corn flour

1) 烧热锅放少量油 (可用橄榄油) 投入材料1翻炒几下
Heat up pot with small amt of olive oil, stir-fry (1)
2) 加入黑木耳略炒一下, 加水适量煮滚
Add (2) & stir-fry few more rd be4 adding 1l water. Bring to boil
3) 加入肉片, 添加盐, 白糖调味, 再滚2分钟, 熄火, 可随意添加少量麻油
Add (3) & boil another 2mins be4 switching off heat. Can also add small amt of sesame oil / salt / sugar if desired.

有健胃消食, 清热润燥的功效 Helps strengthen stomach & digestion system, efficacy in clearing inner heat & moisted inner dryness
天热或食用燥热食物或熬夜时出现口干咽干, 没有胃口,皮肤干燥, 大便硬或不畅等
Suitable to consume during hot weather, or when 1 consumes too much heaty food, or when dry mouth/throat arise due to lots of late nite, or when 1 has no appetite, or dry skin condition, or hard/unsmooth stool, etc..

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