Thursday, October 22, 2009

山药豆腐羹_Yam bean curd soup

MIL told my mum abt all d soup recipes that I have been trying out from the web that’s quite beneficial to our health so I went & get another interesting/easy recipe to let my mum try out. Her comment – too blend for her taste bud. Sigh… so diff to please...


香菇 : 6 – 8朵 (洗净, 泡软后切丁, 保留浸泡的水) dried mushroom, washed, soaked until soft be4 dicing, reserve d water that was soaked
高汤: 适量 broth, moderate quantity

山药 : 300g (去皮, 切丁) Fresh yam, peel & diced
嫩豆腐 : 1盒 (切成与山药同样大小) tender bean curd – 1box (cut into same size as fresh yam)
盐: 适量 salt: moderate quantity

材料3 (调均成粉浆) mix well
粟米粉 : 1tsp corn flour
水 : 2 tbsp water

鸡蛋 : 3个 (打散) eggs, beat well
芫荽1 – 2棵 (洗净切末) Coriander, 2 stalks, washed & minced

胡椒粉 : 适量 pepper: moderate quantity

1) 锅中加入高汤, 冬菇水, 冬菇丁, 煮滚10分钟
Add (1) into pot & boil for 10mins
2) 加入鲜山药丁, 豆腐丁, 续煮5 – 10分钟后, 加盐调味
Add (2) & continue to boil for 5-10mins. Add salt if desired
3) 汤再沸腾时, 用粉浆勾芡至浓稠状, 淋入蛋液并撒香菜末, 胡椒粉即可
Once boiling, thicken with (3) be4 adding (4) & if desired (5) too.

Strengthen spleen & nourish kidney, replenish d body & yet no too dry/parched. Suitable for whole family (elder or youngster) regular consumption.
In particular, good to consume on dry/hot weather. Also good for those who:
a) have lots of late nites;
b) feel fatigue often;
c) have dry mouth/throat
d) have heaty/warm hands/legs
e) have un-peaceful/disturbed/restless sleep
f) are constipated; etc

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