Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buttersquash Loaf

I found out abt Happy Flour’s blog thru BH’s blog & have alrdy tried few of her recipes. However, not every one turns out ok.

So here’s 1 that turn out really, really soft & fluffy - sweet potato crown bread.

Overnight Sponge Dough: (yield about 150g)
100g bread flour
60g water (room temperature)
1/4tsp instant yeast

1. Mix yeast with water until well blended.
2. Add in flour & knead to form dough.
3. Cover & set aside to prove for 30mins.
4. After 30mins, keep it in d fridge to rest overnight or up to 48hrs.

Bread Dough:
300g bread flour
40g sugar
3g salt
1 1/2tsp instant yeast

140g water
30g egg

60g overnight sponge dough

120g sweet potato (steamed and mashed) (I replaced with buttersquash)
30g butter

100g golden raisins

Being lazy me, I just put all d ingredients into my ABM & select basic white loaf setting.


Blessed Homemaker said...

So quiet lately... how are things?

Irene said...

haha! busy with 2 part-time job, thus, no time to cook anymore.. but still baking twice a wk but sticking to good old recipes..