Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lotus Roots Congee w/red Dates

Hubby's away on buz trip & Hayden still coughing slightly, so I decided to go 'healthy' & cook congee instead. Referring back to d congee recipe book, I decided on this Lotus roots congee. Same as d sweet corn congee, I blend d cooked lotus roots to be added into Hayden's bowl of congee. End result - Hayden hated it! Took us almost 1hr to feed ¾ bowl to him! Sob... MIL mentioned that it’s actually a bit plain, but still ok for her.
  • 1 cup rice - rinse, drain & leave aside 15mins
  • 200g lotus roots - Remove skin, rinse/clean & roll-cut int pieces
  • 12 red dates - rinse & drain
  • 300g spare ribs - scald in boiling water, remove after blood has been washed off
  • salt for seasoning
  1. Boil 9cups of water.
  2. Add ribs & cook over low heat for 15mins.
  3. Add rest of ingredients & continue cooking for 15mins. Leave lid slightly uncovered to prevent from overflowing.
  4. Season w/salt & cover to let it steep for 10mins be4 serving.

Note - Lotus roots r rich in fibre & aid digestion.

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Blessed Homemaker said...

Never occur to me that I can add lotus roots to congee. Will try this one day.