Thursday, July 23, 2009


MIL having sore throat so I decided to give this recipe a try. Hopefully it will make her feel better after drinking.

三润姜汤(3 Moist Ginger soup)

材料1 (ingredient)
梨: 4个 (去芯, 切小块) 4 Pears (de-core, cut into cubes)
腐竹 : 2块 (泡软,撕成小片) 2 pieces of dried tofu strips (soak till soft, cut into small pieces)
密枣 : 8粒 (洗净)8 Honey dates (washed)
老姜 : 8片 Old Ginger 8 slices
水 : 8碗 bowl of water

冰糖 : 适量 Rock sugar (moderate)

1) 将所有材料放進煲內, 大火煮滾後转慢火煲1小時
Put ingredient 1 into pot. Bring to boil be4 switching to low heat for 1hr.
2) 加入冰糖, 再煮5分钟即可
Add rock sugar & cook for another 5mins be4 serving.

滋阴润肺, 健脾开胃
Nourish Yin & d lungs, strengthen spleen & open appetite
此甜品因加入老姜, 故滋润而不过寒, 同时有开胃化痰的功效
Because of d added old ginger, this dessert is moist enough & yet not too 'cold'. Also, it helps improve appetite & at d same time useful in disolving phlegm.
适合大部分体质的人食用, 同时有润肤美颜, 保护咽喉的作用
Suitable for most ppl. It's also good for skin & helps protect d throat too.

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