Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pumpkin rice w/fish + 川贝&Pear dessert

Remembered something from Blessed Homemaker's blog on d goodness of pumpkin so I decided to give it a try. However, since Hayden does not like to see chunks of veg/food in his rice, I had to cook/mash up d pumpkin be4 cooking it with d rice/dried silver fish/minced meat/mushrooms.

Also managed to get some fresh snow fish steak today, so I put it into d oven for grilling to be serve beside d pumpkin rice.

N since whole family were coughing past few days, I also give this Sichuan fritillaria & pear dessert a go. Got d recipe off UW mzg. If served hot, it is supposed to be good for d throat. (give me a comment if u want d recipe cause I will need to translate it be4 posting)

Hayden finished 1 full bowl of d rice along with half d fish steak, & Hubby actually said "yr cooking has indeed improved!" HAHAHAHA


Shopaholic2802 said...

If u get sick of pumpkin u can try butternut squash...thats also very good

Irene said...

dont remember seeing that ard. will watch out for it..tks ;-P

Blessed Homemaker said...

I just tried another version, added wolfberries and fresh mushrooms. I like it better.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Pumpkin and butternut squash belongs to the same family ;)

My gf just shared with me she cooks pumpkin and yam rice together. My family doesn't like yam :-(

Irene said...

I have been adding fresh mushroom all along. As for wolfberries, I have been baking wolfberries bread at least once every week, thus, dont think want to add it to dinner too.. I dont like yam too.. hee.. tks for sharing!