Friday, April 3, 2009

Water Chestnut soup & 九层糕 (9 layer kueh)

Saw this recipe from 1 of d website my friend visited & thot since both Hubby & Hayden having sore throat & coughing badly, why not give it a try. I added udon to it so that I don’t have to make another soup for Hayden’s dinner. Turn out really well, very tasty without any seasoning added at all.

马蹄 : 100 – 300g waterchestnut (washed & cut up)
白萝卜 : 100 – 300g white radish (washed & slice up)
鸭梨 : 1 – 3个 pears (wash, de-cored & diced)
瘦肉 : 200 – 300g lean meat (washed & scalded)

1) 将所有材料放入锅内,加清水适量, 用大火煮沸,改为文火熬约 1-2 小时
put all into pot & cover with enough water. Bring to boil be4 switching to low heat for another 1-2hrs
2) 用盐适量调味, 喝汤吃肉
season with salt be4 serving.

* 有清热生津的功效,适合脾胃热盛,可见面红或见粉刺痤疮,口渴想喝冷饮,食欲超常,口舌干燥或痰黄粘稠,或见口舌易生疮,尿黄、大便硬或便秘等
1) have efficacy to clear heat/sweat,
2) suitable for :
a) spleen/stomach heat,
b) acne,
c) thirst for cold drink,
d) abnormal appetite,
e) dry mouth or thick yellow sputum,
f) easy-to-c tongue sores,
g) hard stool or constipation,
h) yellow urine, etc..
* 天气炎热或过食燥热食物时,可煮此汤,预防发热。
Cook this soup to prevent or emit heatiness when :
a) weather is too hot or dry; or
b) too much heaty food is consumed

Then saw Hayden’s note from sch that he’s supposed to bring a dish for tomorrow’s SongKran party. Since its alrdy 9pm & all shops r closed, I thot I give this kueh recipe from my friend’s blog a try. D kueh didn’t turn out right due to 2 main reasons – I used brown sugar & half all d ingredients thinking it might be too much. Ended with a rather small piece. Looks ok but taste very sweet..


Blessed Homemaker said...

So sorry.. forgot to mention I've reduced sugar :P

Blessed Homemaker said...

Your soup looks good :)

Irene said...

soup taste very good! u can give it a try since SG also very heaty recently.