Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Was surfing d ard when I saw that my fav blog has posted a new soup recipe so I gave it a try today.
End result - It’s not that bad except that it’s a bit too oily due to d frying. Maybe next time I use less oil on a non-stick pan..


姜片 : 3 – 6片 Ginger slices
鱼头: ½ 个/ 1个 (洗净, 用少许盐涂抹鱼头) Fish head - washed & season with little salt
米酒: 15g rice wine
水: 700ml water
嫩豆腐: 2块 (切小块) tofu, diced
盐、胡椒粉 : 适量 salt & pepper - small amt
芫荽: 5束 (洗净切段) Coriander 5 stalk

1) 烧热2汤匙爆香姜片
Heat 2 tablespoons & sauté d ginger
2) 投入盐腌制过的鱼头煎至金黄色时, 盏入米酒
Add d salted fish head & pan-fry till golden be4 adding d wine
3) 加入水煮至汤沸腾, 约15-30分钟至汤变成奶白色
Then add water be4 bringing to boil, abt 15-30 mins until soup turn into a milk white color
4) 放入豆腐煮约5分钟后
Add tofu & cook abt 5 mins
5) 加盐和胡椒调味, 撒入切成段的芜茜即可
if desired, add seasoning. Top with Coriander be4 serving

有祛风清热, 开胃健脾的功效不寒不燥, 适合一家大小饮用如受风寒或淋雨后, 或长期在冷气房, 常感觉头痛,身痛, 鼻塞等, 可再加青葱(大颗的葱白效果更好)煮食效果更好

Relieve/dispel pathogenic wind, clear internal heat, whet d appetite, & strengthen d spleen
Not cold or dry, thus suitable for whole family consumption
For those who :
a) was subjected to cold weather or rain;
b) was spending long hrs in air-conditioned rooms;
c) often feels headache, body pain, nasal congestion and so on,
Can add scallion or big green onions for a even better result/effect.

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