Wednesday, July 15, 2009

玉竹鸡汤_Odoratum chicken soup

MIL told me to finish all d dry ingredients so that I dont have to ship all back again when we relocated back home. So I search d web & found this recipe to finish up d odoratum. End result - this is d BEST soup that I have tried! It's really very tasty! YUMMY!

材料 (ingredient) 1
鸡 : ½ 只 (I replaced with 300g ribs/minced meat)

玉竹 : 50 – 100g
去核红枣 : 15粒 Red Dates (de-core)
枸杞子 : 1– 2 tbsp Wolfberries
姜 : 1 小块 Ginger

水 : 适量 Water: own judgment (I used 1.5l to cover d ingredients)

方法 Method:

1) 把鸡洗净, 斩成小块, 投进滚水中川烫片刻, 捞起待用
2) 把材料2清洗干净, 加入适量水, 大火煮开后, 以中小火熬煮 ½小时
3) 加入鸡块, 继续以中小火熬煮½小时, 试味
1) Wash chicken, cut into pieces, blanch the chicken with boiling water, drain
2) Wash Ingredients B, pour in water, bring to a boil over high heat, reduce to medium heat & boil for another ½ hour
3) Add in meat, simmer for another ½hr over medium heat

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