Monday, May 25, 2009


MIL will be gg back SG soon so I tried this recipe out for her. It does not look very interesting but taste great w/out any seasoning added at all!
红豆 : 100g red beans

猪脚 : 1只 (洗净, 切成6大块) trotters, washed & cut into 6 big pieces
瘦肉 : 200g (洗净, 切小块) lean meat, washed & cut into cubes

红枣 : 10颗 (洗净, 去核) Jujube, washed & de-core
牛蒡 : 2段 (去皮, 切小段) Burdock/Gobo, 2 small stick, peel off skin & slice-up

方法 (Method)
1) 将红豆洗净, 用水浸泡2小时, 然后以大火煮开, 再以中火煮10分钟左右, 取出, 沥干水份
Soak d red bean for 2hrs, then bring to boil be4 switching to mid heat for 10mins. Remove & drain.
2) 把猪脚和瘦肉川烫过
Scald d meats.
3) 将所有材料放入煲中, 加入足够的冷水, 大火煮开, 转中小 火继续煲1-2 小时左右, 最后加少许盐调味, 即可食用
Put all ingredients into pot with enough cold water to cover ingredients. Bring to boil. Switch to small heat & continue to cook for 1-2hrs. If desired, add salt be4 serving.

功能 (Function)
健脾祛湿、补血强身、润肠通便, 适合日常饮用
Jianpi Qushi, replenish blood count, strength body, regulate bowel movement, suitable for day-to-day drinking

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