Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thirst Quenching Soup

MIL requested for bitter gourd so I searched d web & found this recipe. Surprisingly, d soup does not taste 'bitter' as I expected.. MIL LOVES it & Hayden drank ½ bowl! & for someone who hated bitter gourd, I actually drank 2 bowls of soup!

苦瓜 : 1条 Bitter gourd (wash & cut into strips)
番茄 : 100g Tomato (wash & cut into 4-6 pieces)
瘦肉 : 300g Lean meat (I replace with minced meat balls)
姜 : 3片 Ginger 3 slices
黃豆芽 : 200g Yellow bean sprout
水 : 适量 appropriate amt

方法 Method:
1) 黃豆芽洗净后放入鑊中干炒至有香味
Fry bean sprouts in boiler till fragrance
2) 把所有材料放入煲內, 大火煮滾,转慢火煮2小時即可
Then add rest of ingredients into boiler. Bring to boil be4 switching to low heat for another 2 hrs.

功能 (Function)
下火清热, 生津止渴。
Lower & clear inner heat level, helps quench thirst.
For ppl who:
1) feels hot often;
2) has lots of late nites
3) has too much heaty foods
4) feel thirsty often
5) has yellow urine
6) hard stoods, etc...

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