Monday, July 13, 2009


Look through d fridge & found some bal lotus root so decided to give this tonic a try.

莲藕补血汤 (Enrich blood Lotus root tonic)

莲藕 : 600g (洗淨, 切段, 拍鬆) Lotus roots (wash, cut, pat/slap loose)
紅萝卜 : 300g (去皮切段) carrot, de-skin & cut into sections
眉豆 : 150g (洗净) black-eye bean, wash
冬菇 : 10朵 (洗淨, 浸軟) dried mushrooms (clean, soak till soft)
红枣 : 10枚 (洗净) red dates (wash)

水 : 12碗 water 12 bowls

1) 把已处理好的材料1全部放进煲内
2) 加入材料2的水, 浸泡1-2小时
3) 以大火煮滾后, 转为慢火煲2小時, 加鹽调味即可
Put all ingredients into a pot & soak for 1-2hrs.
Bring to boil be4 switching to low heat & continue cooking for another 2hrs.
If desired, add salt be4 serving.

注: 可加入 / 瘦肉 / 排骨 / 八爪鱼 / 素肉同煮
Note: can also add lean meat / ribs / dried octopus / vegetarian-meat

功效 (Function):
a) 益气 beneficial qi (vital breath)
b) 养血 enrich/increase d blood count
c) 滋补强身 nourishing health
d) 消除疲勞 eliminate fatigue
e) 养颜润肤 Beauty emollients - bring out color & moist d skin
Suitable for d whole family & can be drink regularly.

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