Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed Mushroom Soup_蘑菇什锦汤

Just saw this post this morning & decided to give it a try even though am missing 1 ingredient - water chestnut. Smell strongly of d dried beancurd skin but overall, tasted ok.
Mixed Mushroom Soup_蘑菇什锦汤

材料 Ingredient (1)
腐竹 : 50g (泡软, 切段) Yuba, soaked until soft, cut into sections
黑木耳 : 50g (泡软, 撕成小朵) black fungus, soaked until soft, then tear into small pieces
胡萝卜 : 1条 (洗净, 去皮, 切片) carrot, washed/peeled & sliced
马蹄 : 150g (去皮, 切片) water chestnut, peeled & sliced
姜 : 3 – 5 片 ginger slices

材料 Ingredient (2)
鲜冬菇 : 150g (洗净, 切片) fresh mushroom, washed & sliced
瘦肉 : 200g (洗净, 切片, 加少许酱清, 粟米粉拌匀) lean meat, washed & sliced, mix with little soya/corn flour

材料 Ingredient (3)
盐 : 适量 Salt, moderate if desired
麻油 : 适量 Sesame oil, moderate

方法 Method
1) 锅中加水适量, 加入材料1, 煮5 – 10 分钟
With enough water to cover ingredients (1) in a pot, cook for 5-10mins
2) 加入材料2煮至肉熟, 加盐调味
Add (2)& cook till meat is done. Add salt if desired
3) 熄火前再加麻油即可
Turn off heat be4 adding sesame oil

功能 Function
Rep vital breath & beneficial to stomach, clear heat & regulate inner temp, harmonise & moist intestines
Suitable to regular consumption, esp d elderly & ppl with dry/hot physical, or ppl having dry stools
Also suitable on hot weather, or when excessive heaty/dry food were consumed.

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