Friday, April 24, 2009

Pork Floss bread & Ham&Cheese again

Since I have some dough left from last nite, I decided to give d Ham & Cheese bread another attempt. I didnt put any cheese on top to avoid it being messy. This rd, I covered it with foil be4 baking in d oven @ 160C for 30mins. End result - both top & bottom are still badly burned. Havent cut it up to check d inside. Will only do so when having it for tomorrow's BF.

I also include Pork floss bread in this rd. Every step is same as d H&C except d baking step. With so many burned attempt, I decided to baked it in d bread machine instead. I started d baking process on d bread machine without putting in d dough first. After 1-2mins, then I put in d dough & let it bake for ard 15mins. Whoa la! It turn out GREAT! Everything abt it is just nice, texture, color & taste.

Maybe I shd really just stick to d bread machine... mmmmm..


Blessed Homemaker said...

Great job! Now your family can have nice bread loaves/buns daily :)

Irene said...

yup! am very happy that finally I got at least 1 recipe right! & I didnt use d oven!