Friday, April 10, 2009

Cranberries Muffins

Friends have been telling me to try out d portable oven from my landlord, so when I saw this muffin recipe, thot I give it a try. However, instead of strawberry, I used whatever I have on hand - cranberries. I half all ingredients & d result was horrible! 1st of all, when I took it out by 20mins, d top were burned; 2ndly, when I checked d bottom, it's uncooked! Guess I need to adj d temp if I do decide to try again. But believe it or not, Hubby ate 2 of it after I put it into d microware for 2mins & Hayden ate d top portion of 1 muffin..

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Blessed Homemaker said...

Try to lower the temp and cover the top with aluminium foil if the top gets brown too fast.