Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winter Melon Seaweed Porridge

Recently, my health has not been doing so well. My systemic lupus erythematous condition has relapsed twice within the last 7 months. Doc tried to pinpoint the reason for the relapses but so far, stress seems to be the only explanation.

Anyway, because of my relapses, I had to be hospitalised both times & on both occasion, I put on 2-3kg during each stay. So by now, I had in total put on 5kg since last Dec. With this amt of weight gain, am on a mission to lose weight again, seriously this time round.

So from now onwards, I will be trying out all kinds of 'slimming', 'weight loss' recipes. Hopefully some will really work for me.

Here’s my 1st slimming recipe with some changes because I can’t find 50g seaweed. So do visit the original website if you have 50g of seaweed on hand. I cooked this in the morning & bring it to ofc for lunch in a vacuum container. It’s still warm when I had in 7hrs later.

Winter Melon Seaweed Porridge
Ingredients: (1 serving)
5g dried seaweed
300g Winter Melon – skinless & seedless, diced
½cup Rice
500ml Water

Mix all ingredients & bring to boil in the inner pot. After 10mins of boiling, trf inner pot back into the vacuum cooker immediately & seal till lunch hour.