Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is just another soup therapy from Violet Fenying 陈粉樱's blog. I have always love to visit her blog simply because she posts lots of soup therapy recipe that's provided by 郭美伶医师(Dr. Guo Meiling) TCM. The recipes are usually very simple & easy to prepare. You just need to ensure that u know where to get some of d Chinese ingredients that’s usually required. But in this recipe , most can be found in normal supermkt.


材料 (ingredient) (as shown in d pic)
排骨 : 500克 (洗净, 川烫过) Pork ribs, 500g (wash, scalded)

姜 : 1块 (拍扁) Ginger, 1piece (pat flat)

(c) 洗净, 切段 wash & slices
莲藕 : 1节 Lotus root, 1 section
牛蒡 : 1条 Burduck, 1 stick
玉米 : 2条 Corn, 2 stick
胡萝卜 : 3条 Carrot, 3 pc

1) 将川烫过的排骨放入砂锅中, 加入水盖过表面
Put scalded ribs into casserole & add enough water to cover d surface of d ribs
2) 放入拍散的姜及材料3, 大火煮开后, 转慢火煮1小时 至汤汁变成白色
Place rest of ingredients into casserole & bring to boil. Then switch to low heat & simmer for 1hr or till it turns into a white sauce.
3) 加入盐调味即可 If desired, add salt be4 serving

滋补清热, 常食用可补益身体
Nourishing & clear internal heat, beneficial to health/body when consume frequently
助消化, 保持大便通畅

Aid digestion, also helps maintain smooth stool

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