Friday, January 27, 2012

Rocky Chocolate w/berries&candies

For his birthday celebration in school, Hayden has requested me not to make his birthday cake this year because he wanted something more ‘colourful’ so we bought him a Transformer pic cake instead. But we still need to bring something else for d party so I went online to search for something that’s hassle-free & decided on this recipe from Wendy – super easy & everyone loves it, including the teachers & staffs of the school! I held out Wendy’s link to everyone who asked for d recipe!

Rocky Chocolate w/berries&candies

White Chocolate with berries/candies
800g white chocolate
2 ½ cup mini marshmallows
2 cup dried cranberries + gummy candies + ½ cup for topping

1) Line up a 9x13” pan with paper for easy removal;
2) Melt d chocolate in a pot over hot water. Allow to cool slightly till it’s warm to touch;
3) Mix the marshmallows & berries/candies well be4 adding into d chocolate mixture;
4) Pour mixture onto prepared pan & spread it out evenly. Ensure marshmallows are submerge;
5) Sprinkle d topping out evenly & gently press down to ensure it stick to mixture;
6) Allow to solidify in d fridge overnite be4 cutting it into cubes.