Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After 2 mths of Hot Yoga & reducing my food intake, my weight still floats betw 59k (on good days) & 61kg (on worst days). With not much improvement in my weight, I decided to give this soup therapy a try.
From d pic, it's looks oily but it's actually not oily at all. But it's quite sweet due to d dried longan meat.
雞肉 (切片) 四兩 Ckn meat 200g (washed & sliced) I replaced with pork ribs
當歸 八錢 Angelica roots 4-5slices (washed)
龍眼肉 一兩 dried longan meat 50g (washed)

Put all ingredients into a stew pot. Add enough water to cover all ingredients. Cover & double boil for 3hrs. If desired, add seasoning be4 drinking.

李醫師指出此湯有養血活血和美容養顏之效。如你感消瘦無力、頭暈和面色乾枯,可試飲用。Recipe is provided by Dr Lee Nam, who stated that this soup is nourishing & promotes blood circulation & has the effect to improved 1’s appearance/color. If you feel unable to lose weight, or feel dizzy, or has withered/dried-up complexion, do give this soup a try.

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