Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yogurt Cake_II

Previous attempt on d yogurt cake was not quite successful (in my eyes) simply because it has not raise as high as d original recipe has stated. So when my neighbour pass another Thai snacks to my son, I decided to bake d yogurt cake again & give it to her in return for her nice gesture.
This rd, I sit down & went through d
originator’s post again to review what I might have done wrongly in my 1st attempt in order to ensure no more flat cake. D only diff I found was that I used a 20cm square baking pan instead of a 20cm springform tin (which I am assuming its round as shown in her pic). So for my 2nd attempt, I decided to use my 16cm round baking pan instead. Also, this time, I shifted d flour & baking powder twice. I also omitted d zest as I don’t have any on hand.
End result - it worked! D cake rise nicely, even through still not as high as d original but good enough for me… ;-p I didn’t get to taste it cause it’s gg to my neighbour but am still happy that it looks more like a cake than a flat bread.

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