Friday, April 24, 2009

金针菇芽菜瘦肉汤 & No-fail fish dish

For tonite’s dinner, I decided on 金针菇芽菜瘦肉汤 from DJ 粉樱's blog & a no-fail fish recipe from Prevention mag. Both super easy & healthy.

Whoa la! Super healthy meal with almost no added fat!!

Here's d english version of d soup for those who cant read Chinese.

金针菇芽菜瘦肉汤 (Golden needle mushroom, Bean sprouts, lean meat soup)

材料1 - 大豆芽 : 150g (洗净) Big bean sprout (washed)
材料2 - 瘦肉 : 200g Lean meat (Wash & sliced. Mix well with pinch of salt, sugar & corn flour. Put aside)
材料3 :
金针菇 : 100g (切去根部, 洗净) Enokitake/Golden needle mushroom (cut & washed)
番茄 : 2个 (洗净, 切块) 2 Tomatos (washed & cut into cubes)
粉丝 : 1扎 (用水泡软) Glass noodles 1 bunch(soak in water to soften)
姜 : 4片 Ginger 4 slices

1) 把大豆芽放在白鑊炒香, 加水煮开 (Fry d big bean sprouts in pot till fragrance. Then add water & bring to boil.)
2) 下其他材料拌匀, 再滾10分鐘, 加盐调味即可 (Add rest of ingredients into soup & boil for another 10mins. Add salt for taste be4 serving)

功能 (function of d soup)
健脾開胃, 去湿除煩, 更可消除疲勞, 暢通小便, 可日常经常食用
Improved appetite, helps eliminate fatigue, regulate urine flow, & can be consumed daily

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