Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Milk Pudding

I tried this pudding last nite & it didnt turn out right due to few reasons:
1) I cant find gelatin powder, only gelatin leaves;
2) Hayden only drinks plain junior milk, thus, I added cocoa powder which is bitter in taste;
3) problem removing it from d mould.

In d end, Hubby said it's tasteless & Hayden mashed it all up & didnt even take 2nd bite.. sigh.. :-<


Blessed Homemaker said...

Maybe you wanna try yogurt drink instead? Cocoa powder is bitter leh..

Irene said...

thot since they like d brownie that's made from cocoa powder, this shd be ok mah.. ;-<

Shopaholic2802 said...

LOL!!!! The cocoa in the brownies dissolved with the sugar thus makin it sweet...the pudding looks like it still has bits of cocoa powder (which is bitter) floating ard....u mite wanna to try to dissolve cocoa powder with brown sugar before you add.....trial and error...

Irene said...