Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hubby mentioned that he likes d local steamed cup Kuih so I thot I give this recipe a try. It's not really d same as what we can buy from d street cause I cant get gula melaka (coconut sugar). But end result is not bad at all. Not as sweet too! Ingredients made 2 rounds of 1big & 7small cups.

Gula Melaka : 105g (I replaced w/palm sugar)
Coconut milk: 250g
Pandan leaf : 3 leaves

( B)

Water : 200g
Rice Vermicelli (Mee Sua) : 25g


Tapioca flour : 125g

(D) mix and steam for 10 min
Grated white coconut : 50g
pinch of Salt

1) Boil (A) over low heat, stir till sugar dissolves, off heat, discard pandan leaves, leave to cool
2) Bring (B) water to a boil, cook rice vermicelli till cooked, off heat & leave to cool
3) Mix A, B, C in a blender until smooth, strain.
4) Steam small cups/steaming tray for 5 min. Pour in batter ¾ full. Steam with high heat for 15 min. until cooked. Remove and leave to cool
5) Remove kuih from d cup/tray after it completely cool down, coat with grated white coconut and serve.


Blessed Homemaker said...

I've got this recipe on my To-Do list but my list just gets longer and longer! hahaha Your kueh looks yummy!

Irene said...

T Q! but all commented that it taste better on d day it was steam. So u might want to re-steam it if not eating on d same day.