Thursday, March 25, 2010


Recently a friend of mine is into bead rings & that re-knead my past interest in breading. Few yrs back, I was asked to help out in my co’s charity event to make beads accessories. It was fun back then & we grp ard making lanyard & hp accessories. So now, out came all my left-over beads from back then, & along with some books borrowed from d local library, am ready to try out my long-forgotten skills in beading again.
Here’s what I mgd to figure out within 9hrs (btw 3days) with my limited beading knowledge.

Not too bad for someone who has not done a bead ring be4. ^_^

this is what they called a Angelina ring

This one is called Flora
These 2 r called 5 Petals


PD'light said...

Wonderful, can i get one ???

Blessed Homemaker said...

I like the red one most :)

Irene said...

actually, they dont look as nice as those selling outside but not too bad doe 1st timer like me.. keke