Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cheese loaf 汤种芝士面包

d 1st attempt with d water roux starter (65°C湯種) was not as good as expected, likely because I modified a 'normal' recipe instead of using a ‘proper’ water roux starter recipe. So I went in search again for a proper recipe in order to use up d bal water roux starter & decided on this cheese roll from Angie's blog. But instead of making it into rolls, I just put everything into d ABM for a loaf. And according to d original recipe, I have enough of water roux starter to make 2 loafs so 1 dough goes into d freezer for future lazy-day baking.

End result – a very soft & bouncy loaf!

In d past, I always have problem trying to cut d bread into thin/even slices across. So most time, I press down too firm on 1 end & d loaf usually takes a while to bounce back or didn’t bounce back at all. As for this cheese loaf, it actually bounces back almost immediately after I released my hands! Very NICE!
However, it does not keep as well as d Hokkaido Milky bread cause it's a bit harden on d 3rd day. Cant wait to try out d bal frozen dough to c if freezing d dough changes any texture at all.

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