Thursday, January 28, 2010

SB Marshmallow Cake & Milk Cupcakes

Hayden’s birthday is today so last nite, with no oven, I decided on making d SB marshmallow cake for his sch. However, I was only able to make a much smaller one so to ‘top’ it up; I also steam some milk cupcakes to bring along.
For this rd, I decided to use orea cookies as base since most of his classmate will be under 3yrs. However, even though I have made this quite a number of times, I was still unable to ‘catch’d right timing & thus, some of d cut strawberries sunken into d cake since it's not 'frozen' long enough. I tried to ‘save’ it but d cake is alrdy in ‘unsaved’ mode. I still went ahead & ‘cover’ it up with d jello. Hopefully, none will notice it.
As for d steam cupcake, I used 2 diff flavor pkt milk for a colored effect - Strawberries & Milo. Also, this time, I top up d batter till almost overflowing & mgd to get d ‘smiling’ effect after steaming! Job Well Done!
Hayden took 1 as BF & loved it! This is really a big improvement cause he rejected d last rd of unsmiling cupcake. Hurray!!!


Blessed Homemaker said...

Wow! Your milk cake looks good! At first glance I thought they were huat kueh :P

Irene said...

T Q! same as yr attempt! am very happy abt it!

Aphrodite said...

It looks so so great .. wish i can try that cake !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried making the marshmallow cake but the marshmallow don't dissolve. How long does it take for you to dissolve the marshmallow? My was lumpy. MH

Irene said...

usually takes abt 5-7mins.. make sure it's on low heat cause high heat will bring it to boil too soon & thus not enough time fore marshmallow to dissolve..