Sunday, August 16, 2009


Saw this on TVB & decided to give it a try. But have problem finding d main ingredient - plum vinegar. So I decided to use peach vinegar instead. End result - a VERY TASTY salad/ snack! This is gg to be a must-have in my fridge from today onwards!

涼拌醋藕 Lotus root vinegar salad
材料 ingredients:
蓮藕半斤 ½kg lotus,
梅子醋½杯 ½cup plum vinegar,
米醋½杯 ½cup rice vinegar,
糖2大匙 2tbsp sugar (optional)

作法 method:
蓮藕切薄片,放入滾水中加少許鹽汆燙1分鐘後,泡冰水至涼瀝乾放容器。 醋與糖混合後,加入蓮藕中

Cook sliced lotus roots in boiling water with pinch of salt for 1min. Move lotus into iced water till lotus is chilled. Drain. Then add rest of ingredients in a container & mix well. Add drained lotus roots & keep in d fridge overnite.

功效 function:
消除疲勞 eliminate fatigue
穩定情緒 stablise emotion
促進體內廢物排 promote elimination of inner-body waste


Blessed Homemaker said...

Interesting... but is it sour with all those vinegar??

Irene said...

That's d reason why must have plum vinegar which is much sweeter. Thus, bal out overall. I might try replace lotus with green papaya or white radish next rd to c if still as good.

Irene said...

tried using radish & it's not as good as lotus. Thus, really shd just stick to lotus roots.