Monday, March 9, 2009

Yoga today!

YES! I did it! After sending d boys off, I went upstairs to d gym & did my 20mins of yoga.. Finally, I started something.. Wanted to continue but was starting to feel giddy, thus, had to stop. Hopefully I can get in at least 30mins tomorrow morning..

Oh, btw, I tried yogurt bread last nite & it didnt turn out right. in do end, have to throw it out.


daijsd said...

hmm do u recd my sms ytd after i chked with corina?? i m trying out another receipt & hope turn out 2 b nice & will update u

daijsd said...

buddy last 9 i tried out another yogurt receipt & it turn out 2 b gd lei....
here is e receipt..give a try :))
250g bread flour, 15g caster sugar, 3g yeast, 3g salt, 100g flavoured yogurt (i used plain), 60ml fresh milk, half egg (but i used 1 egg) 30g butter

i use white bread setting with light crust

Irene said...

Yes! new recipe turn out Great! tks

Blessed Homemaker said...

Hi Irene,
The blur sotong gave you wrong recipe!! Glad it turned out well for you :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

I always use this recipe, never failed me.

1 beaten egg
60g plain yoghurt
120ml the whole milk
35g sugar
250g flour
1 teaspoons yeast
2 tsp butter

Irene said...

ya lor. but it's ok now that I got the 'right' recipe. tks again.