Monday, March 23, 2009


Hubby flew off last nite to KL for buz trip, thus, my job to prepare & send Hayden to school. Guess what! I didnt check d volume of my iPhone & thus, alarm didnt sound off this morning @ 7am! OMG! Lucky, Hayden started moving ard & woke me ard 7.25am, so, made it to school by 8am. Phew!
& I mgd to go back to sleep after coming back from his school till 12.30pm when my hubby woke me up by smsing from KL. So I wash up & went to Central ChitLom StarBucks to have my Green Tea Latte while working on my knitting (which is coming along well). Am doing this so that I can save some electrical w/out having d aircon on throughout d whole day. Cause it's really HOT here in Bkk & my electric bill has been gg up since I become a homemaker! I have been gg there for 3times since last week. Not even sure this will cut down my electric bill but definitely up my cash spending so far!


Blessed Homemaker said...

To save electricity bill by going out, what kind of logic? Bwahahaha!!

Try baking your breads in the oven (knead 20 mins, shut down machine to proof, preheat oven 5 mins, bake 15 - 20 mins) instead of the breadmachine (total 3 hours), can help save some electricity too ;)

Irene said...

but I dont have oven in this new appt..