Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cream Cheese bread

I have been looking for new bread recipe to try out when I came across Blessed Homemaker's fav cream cheese bread recipe. I remembered she mentioned that she prefer this to Hokkaido Milky bread cause it's supposed to be softer. But my past 3 attempts proved otherwise. As I go through d recipe again, I remembered I always have problem w/d liquid ingredient because d original recipe was stated in 'grams', which is weird for liquid ingredient. So I decided to make a slight change & give it another attempt. End result – d top of d bread collapsed but it is SOFTER than Hokkaido Milky bread! Hurray!

Instead of 160g water (= 180ml), I changed it to 160ml of fresh milk instead.

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Blessed Homemaker said...

I had the same problem with a sunken top with another recipe - Light Oat Bread. The bread is soft and fluffy but a sunken top, I'm still puzzled why it is so.

For this cream cheese recipe, here's my translation. Hope it works out well for you.

160ml water
250g (2 cups) bread flour
50g cream cheese
10g powder milk
15g sugar
3g salt
20g butter
1 tsp dry yeast