Monday, June 22, 2009

Being appreciative too!

Was reading Blessed Homemaker’s post on ‘Being Appreciative’ & it got me thinking. I have never been close to my mum & I rarely see her. In fact, I only see her once a yr during CNY after I moved out when I was ard 20+. All this changed when Hayden was born.

1st of all, doc advised my hubby not to put baby with me in d same room after birth (not my doing) in order for me to recoup from my SLE condition (which has worsen due to d pregnancy). 2ndly am not really good with kids, even after Hayden was born. Thus, I felt so blessed when my mum agreed to quit both her part-time jobs & move in w/me to help take care of Hayden after he’s born. Therefore, Hayden has been sleeping with my mum during his first 1½ yrs in this world. She’s d one giving him his night feed, changing his diapers & bathing him. Thus, compared to most 1st time mother, am very, very blessed.

Then when Hayden was 6mths old, Hubby got posted to Bangkok & I mgd to get trf to Bkk ofc too (lucky me). & again, my mum made my day by agreeing to come with us to continue taking care of Hayden while both of us continue to work in Bkk. It’s not an easy decision for her due to her limited knowledge of English.

During her 13mth stay in Bkk with us, she rarely goes out at all due to her limited English. & there is only 1 Chinese cable channel available for her to watch. We tried to bring her out every wkends to malls & farm stay, but, it’s home every day when both me & hubby were working. Thus, to most of her friends back in SG, our Bkk apt is almost like a prison to her. But she stay with us for 13mths till my elder bro asked her to go back to help with his son (whose 6mths younger than Hayden).

After she went back, I had d most diff time of my life taking care of Hayden cause I had it so easy when my mum was ard to help. Now it’s been almost 10mths since my mum went back SG & 3mths since I got retrenched, am slowly getting used to taking care of Hayden. Even though at times, I still wondered why I ever decide to have a kid.

Learning to take care of Hayden makes me really appreciate my mum. She has helped me so much during Hayden’s first 18mths. Now that she’s back in SG with my elder bro, I just hoped that my elder bro understand what a gift he has recd & learn to appreciate her more.