Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Molasses loaf

Hayden saw some butternut squash ytd & requested for pumpkin soup but since I don’t know how, I decided to bake a loaf of pumpkin bread. I have this recipe on my to-do list for d longest time & now Hayden is giving me d best reason to try it out..

End result – a super soft loaf of bread! And because I replace honey with molasses, thus, it was not very sweet at all. Definitely a keeper!

Recipe seen & taken with adaptations from 蜂蜜金瓜吐司
Original recipe - Carol老师的《烘培新手必备的第二本书》
With my modifications in ()

南瓜泥 150g (pumpkin puree 100g + yogurt 50g)
高粉 280g (bread flour 250g + wholemeal flour 40g)
即用干酵母 1/2tsp instead yeast
鸡蛋 1个
蜂蜜 20g (replace with 20g molasses)
盐 1/8tsp
牛奶 50cc
无盐牛油 30g (25g unsalted butter + 5g olive oil)

Put ingredients into ABM as per manufacturer's instruction & select normal white bread setting with light crust.


joceline lyn said...

sawadeekah! This Pumkim Loaf look very soft and nice! Well done~

Irene said...